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Why dogs love us

Dogs love us because we love dogs. We do everything we can to make sure our clients (dogs, not people!) are completely comfortable and happy when they come to our shop. This may require that a pup come in and just hang out the first time we see them. This allows them to become familiar and comfortable with our shop. Some dogs will come in and love it from the word go, others will need some time to sniff around and read all the pee-mails from past customers before they are ready to enjoy our services. This is just fine with us as it creates a safe, happy, and wholesome environment for everyone. If a dog is not comfortable, they can be aggressive. This is the reason that some dogs act the way they do at the vet or other grooming/kenneling establishments. If given the time necessary to feel at home, a dog will be happy and easy-going anywhere you take them. We believe this, and we'll prove it to you! We have many success stories of clients who's people thought that sedation was the only option. So bring your pups in and let them discover their new home-away-from-home! 

Our Dog Lovers

A stranger, crazier, quirkier group of dog lovers cannot be found. We've looked. Our love for each other and our job can only be surpassed by our love for dogs. We honestly cannot have enough D-O-G in our lives. If you doubt it, just know that between us we have FIFTEEN dogs in our families. And it didn't feel like enough, so we opened a dog shop! So please bring your dog by and let us get our fix, even if it's just to say "Hey!"


Dog Whisperer, Pack Leader, Den Mother, Rock Steady House Manager


Owner, Facility Manager, &

General Pain in the Butt


Rock Star Groomer. Mystery Man, Dog whisperer, Mans' best friend's best friend. A better groomer you will not meet.


Owner, Interior Designer,  &

CJ's boss


Canine Coiffeur Extraordinaire


Social Media Guru, Head Photographer, Daycaregiver, Bather, Customer service, Kennel Counselor

Our Team
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